You may not realize the importance of correct cushion height!

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Setting the right cushion height is essential for comfort, efficiency and injury avoidance. Here we will explain why it is important and how to adjust the cushion to maximize the combination of comfort and speed.
Why is it important?
Perfectly adjusted cushions allow you to effectively step on the car in the best position, not only to avoid short-term discomfort, but also to avoid long-term injury. The cushion height is the simplest adjustment you can make on a bicycle, but it may be the most beneficial.
According to the research results of Spanish scientists, the fluctuation of 1-37.5px in the best cushion position will play a great role in energy output when riding. In fact, studies have shown that changes of only 12.5px can be significantly different. Studies have shown that setting the seat too high is worse than setting the seat too low. If you have a heart rate meter and a precise power meter, you will find that the best cushion height is the position that can produce the lowest heart rate under continuous power output.
Scott Tomkinson of kernow physio (fitting services) has been providing advice and advice to world-class teams. Here he describes a reliable way to adjust your cushion height to a comfortable position at home.
Before the adjustment, he pointed out: "because of various methods, there are many reasons for the adjustment of cushion height. These factors may include a cyclist's flexibility, leg length differences, or riding posture - such as scoliosis, pelvic instability, or flat feet.
First step
As a rule of thumb, for someone who has just bought a car, has never ridden, and has no previous fitting experience, let's start by measuring the stride height of the rider. It's important to take off your shoes and stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
The second step
Take a ruler between your legs and gently pull it up until it feels like sitting on the cushion. Make sure the level gauge is level.
The third step
Then draw a mark on the wall at the height of the level ruler (pencil can be used if the wall is dirty). Use a tape measure to measure the vertical distance from the mark to the floor.
The fourth step
Subtract 10cm from the measured value. This provides a good starting point for bicycle fitting. For example, if a person's span height is 76.9cm, the initial cushion height after subtracting 10cm is 66.9cm (another way of calculation is to multiply the span height by 0.887, for reference only)
The fifth step
The important measurement you get is the distance from the center of the tee to the top of the cushion along the center line of the seat tube.

In addition to speed advantage and partial effect, correct cushion height is also the key to avoid pain, injury and permanent injury. Tobias Bremer, chief physiotherapist at physio clinic Brighton, said: "the height of the cushion is essential to avoid riding pain. Its connection to the foot position is important because the knee may suffer repeated stress damage by turning many times a minute. If your seat and foot settings are outside the optimal range of knee extension (between 150 degrees of leg extension and 70 degrees of leg bending), the risk of iliotibial tract syndrome will be greatly increased. This accounts for 15% of all cases of riding knee pain

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